Hutches & Coups

Our mission at Scottish Sheds and Pet Homes is to provide you with safe, durable and quality homes for your pets. Our hutches and coups are custom-made and are available in regulation size (6’ x 2’). Additional options include fox-proof meshes and prices start from £30 onward.

Our rabbit hutches are available in various sizes, starting from around 4 feet. They can also be designed as single- or double-tier hutches, as well as triple- or quadruple-tier hutches – enabling you to form a spacious environment for your pet. We have over 50 hutches on display, ready to take home, including breeder stack hutches.

Our hutches can be made to facilitate either attached or separate rabbit runs. The hutches also feature easy-to-clean trays of all sizes, so you can comfortably clean your pet’s living area with minimal fuss.

Our hen coups come in a selection of sizes and colours that are very easy on the eye and neatly fit into any area of your garden or outdoors space.

We supply our products directly to pet shops, schools, nurseries etc., so if you’d like us to construct a special piece for you, Scottish Sheds and Pet Homes will use their expertise to create something that perfectly matches your needs.